Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tighten Loose Vagina With Herbal Vaginal Tightening Pills or Cream

A woman enjoys a sexual lovemaking when the vagina is tight and lubricated. A loose vagina it is difficult to achieve the pleasures of sex for both the partners involved. The loosening of the vagina occurs mainly due to child birth. Child birth can bring in changes in a woman's body and in her sexual responses. After childbirth, the pelvic muscles get stretched and the vaginal muscles loosen. This in turn can cause other problems like decrease in desire for sex and low libido. Thus woman with loose vagina turn to solutions that tighten loose vagina for better sensation and lovemaking pleasure.

Vaginal tightening is a process of tightening, toning and strengthening the vaginal muscles. There are clinical and natural ways to tighten vagina for better sensation and lovemaking pleasure. The different ways involving creams, exercises and ointments are as below:

1. Kegel exercises: This is a natural way to tighten loose vagina. It strengthens the pelvic muscles thereby tightening the vaginal muscles. These exercises also improve the elasticity and strength and help to stop the urine leakage problem. Kegels can be done anywhere and at anytime. Sit down and try to contract the muscles used to stop urination. Squeeze those muscles and hold for few seconds. Then relax and repeat at least 10 times in one session. Kegel exercises help to improve sexual pleasure by causing more intense orgasms. Do these regularly for effective improvement and you will notice tightening of loose vagina. There are pelvic exercisers also available to insert in the vagina to clench the muscles.

2. Yoga: Many pose and exercises in yoga help in tightening of the loose vagina. It enhances the blood flow to the vagina leading to better sensation and lovemaking pleasure. Do yoga regularly to benefit and tighten the vagina.

3. Vaginal Tightening Creams: Vaginal tightening creams claim to bring the loose vagina back to its original shape and size. It also restores lubrication and heightens the sensitivity in the vagina for better sensation and lovemaking pleasure. These are herbal products used to restore the suppleness of the vagina. These creams have to be applied topically after cleansing the vagina. There are many companies making such creams and gels available in the market.

4. Vaginal Tightening Pills: These pills tighten the grip of the vagina and intensify lovemaking pleasure. They contain herbs and are safe to use. They help in regaining the natural elasticity of the vaginal muscles for better sensation during sexual lovemaking. Aabab tablets are effective tightening pills that contract and reshape the walls to tighten loose vagina.

5. Surgery: Many women go in for a vaginal tightening surgery which is effective for a long time till the next child birth. But this method is rather expensive and can have some side effects like danger of damaged nerves. One can achieve similar results to tighten loose vagina for better sensation and lovemaking pleasure by using creams and pills or better still by exercising. Also not everyone can afford to undergo a surgery which can be quite expensive.

These are the methods of tightening a loose vagina for a healthy sexual life.

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